Friday, November 6, 2009

Labels, labels, labels...

My procrastination has finally paid off, that has to be a first!

I am so excited to have Mom here visiting me in sunny San Diego! One of the fun things about having her here is that I can show off my work and know that she will always have wonderful things to say about it. Mom's are great when it comes to praise and encouragement! I did frustrate her with my lack of labels on my quilts. The words "Now remember, Grandma always said she regretted not labeling all her quilts because as time goes by its so easy to forget when you completed them" are still ringing in my ears. Isn't that what this blog is for? :) hehe! Luckily for me she took the task upon herself and labeled all the quilts in the house that she could find. I think there's five there.

Thanks Mom!!

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