Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2009 Burp cloth madness

Somebody stop me! I think I went a little crazy with a new project. I have been seeing these fun burp cloths all over the place and thought I'd give it a try. Well, I went a little crazy. If you know me and are expecting a baby in the near future, chances are you are going to be receiving some of these.

2009 Mom

This one is for Mom, hope you love it. 2009 is all about squares and finishing long awaited works in progress! I love this fabric from Moda and I love the simple random squares! Completed September, 2009

2008 come sail away...

I found the pattern for this somewhere on the web. This was a free pattern by Simply Sew Cute! Out of the four for 2008, this was one of my favorites.


No, I did not forget to post a picture for 2007. There was simply other things to focus on.

2006 Lauren

This one is funny! I was looking for a pattern to make a quilt for my Goddaughter - Lauren. I couldn't find anything I liked until one day I was watching TV and saw a quilt hanging in the "nursery" on a TV show. I took a picture of it with my camera and then modified it to something I liked. The end result was this fun "TV Quilt". This is my 2nd favorite from May, 2006.

2006 Quintin

2006 I completed 4 quilts and one wall hanging. I have two favorites, the one above is one of them. This one was fun as I was experimenting with primary colors and made up my own design. This one was completed March, 2006.

2005 Winnie the Pooh Irish Chain

I'm adding some of my earlier - favorite- quilts to my blog. This one wins for 2005 and there were a lot to choose from. I have to say that the Irish Chain is my favorite quilt style. This one I added hand embroidery Winnie the Pooh pictures in the open area. I had made this one as a gift for Karen's little girl - Brooke. Though at the time, we were still guessing boy or girl.
In 2005 I completed eight quilts! I don't think I'll be breaking that record anytime in the near future. It just was a great year for babies as all the quilts that year where for baby shower presents.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2005 DJ and Nina

Now I'm out of order as I wasn't going to do this. I was trying to stick to one per year but 2005 had a lot to choose from! The bear quilt above (DJ) I simply love!! I got the pattern from "Taddpole" Quilts for Baby. I did change some things a bit to suit the person it was intended for. The bear in the middle is something I drew to go with the theme that the Mom-to-be picked for the nursery. I just love how it came out! DJ was completed September, 2005.
Nina was completed March, 2005 and is one of my own designs. I wanted to do a teaching quilt where the Mom could point to items on the quilt such as colors and animals. This was my first undertaking of applique and well worth the struggle.

Monday, September 28, 2009

2009 Little One's Green and Pink quilt

Another big project completed in September. I also finished little one's green and pink quilt after a long time on the to-do list.

2009 Little One's Wall Hanging

Finally finished this quilt for little one after several years. It has been something that I have picked up and put away over and over again and now its done and up on the wall! I can't believe it's done. I think the hardest part of this project was knowing how much work was going into it and knowing I would be giving it to someone really special. The question then became, who? As I worked toward my decision to adopt I realized I had always meant it for my own little girl, even before I started the adoption process. So, little one, it's waiting for you! Sorry it's not a better picture, will try and take another. The beautiful pattern came from Bareroots #119 What color is Spring?